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AirGon's Bring Your Own Drone Mapping Kit

By: AirGon, LLC

Since its inception, AirGon (a wholly owned subsidiary of the GeoCue Group) has focused on high accuracy small unmanned aerial systems (sUAS or drone) for surface mine, industrial and construction site mapping. As our customers have requested more and more services from us, it became evident that their requirements are not always mapping solutions where high network accuracy is required but where relative accuracy can suffice. The prime examples are volumetric analysis and orthophotos for planim ...



site mapping

topographic mapping







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How to Optimize Maintenance Planning Efficiency


Learn what World Class mining organizations do to make maintenance planning more efficient, deliver reliable production equipment, reduce cost and help ensure mine profitability. Implementation of these 10 actions can have a direct, positive impact on maximizing maintenance performance. A must read for all mining and maintenance managers whose objectives include improving maintenance.

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Five Steps to Tire Management Planning

By: Titan International

Establishing a strategic tire management plan is crucial for companies with large fleets of equipment. Each machine requires a unique tire replacement schedule, and managers who develop a tire buying and maintenance strategy are ultimately more productive than managers who wait until a problem occurs. Throughout the life span of a piece of equipment, tires need to be replaced more frequently than any other component, and as such, their efficient life cycle management offers arguably the greatest ...


Tire Management

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Volvo demonstrates 20% lower cost/ton versus competition in truck loading

By: Volvo Construction Equipment

See how two models of Volvo excavators fared against industry-leading competitors in terms of productivity and fuel efficiency during truck loading.

truck loading




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CONEXPO FAQ Follow-up: Drones & Data

By: Kespry

In this webinar, we answered questions received at CONEXPO about how our automated drone system works and discussed common use cases and data insights for the Aggregates and Construction industries. Questions were submitted before and during the webinar. Watch the video recording here.






inventory management




mine planning

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What's in a number? The economics of battery power in underground mining

By: MacLean Engineering

The drivers pushing mining companies to seriously look at the EV transition encompass a broad range of benefits – reduced ventilation requirements (30-50% less) and associated energy costs, elimination of diesel fuel costs (tens of thousands of dollars per EV unit, per year), reduced maintenance costs (some 25% fewer parts on EV propulsion vs. diesel propulsion rigs), elimination of diesel fine particular matter in the underground environment, and last but definitely not least - less noise, vi ...

underground mining

battery power

mobile equipment

health and safety



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Classic mining maintenance management textbook


This classic mining maintenance management textbook was written to meet the unique, challenging demands of the mining industry. It is a plan by which mining organizations can transform maintenance into world-class status. Written with the authority that 44 years of world-wide consulting experience provides, the book is a treasure of practical advice to help solve today’s maintenance problems. This 395-page book of 32 chapters embraces all critical aspects of maintenance management. Its 5 infor ...

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The answer to mine maintenance management training


The utilization of professional training materials in the conduct of on-site maintenance management training has many advantages. Training can accommodate the availability of key personnel to avoid conflicts with operating schedules. As many personnel as necessary can be trained, singly or in logical organizational groups. Personnel from several departments can be trained together to clarify interdepartmental roles and actions. Presentations can be repeated for new personnel or those assigned ne ...

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